Setting Forum Email Options

By default, all students are automatically enrolled in forums for the courses in which they are currently enrolled. Students will receive emails of the all posts to the forums. Each person has the option to customize his or her email preferences to get less or more information. By default everyone receives individual emails of each posting, about 30 minutes after the post. The other options include a complete email digest, which includes all the posts for one day as a single message, or a daily digest of only the subject headings of each post.

To edit your forum email preferences follow these steps:
  1. Click one of your courses, and click on a forum.
  2. At the bottom of the left hand menu, click "My profile settings > Edit profile".
  3. On your profile page, review the seventh and eighth options, Email format and Email digest type
  4. Under "Email format" we recommend "Pretty HTML format" so that links are clickable and messages are displayed in a nested format.
  5. Under "Email digest type" choose one of the options:
    • No digest (single email per forum post)
    • Complete (daily email with full posts)
    • Subjects (daily email with subjects only)
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update profile" to save any changes.